UN Climate Goals

Our aim is to develop and deliver green energy from floating offshore wind at an accelerated pace to help mitigate climate change and help decarbonise existing industrial end users.

Portfolio Aim 2030
1.5 GW of clean energy

Portfolio Aim 2035
5+ GW of clean energy

Cerulean will champion significant tangible social benefits for the local community especially through employment, retraining and return to work opportunities.

As well as being committed to the ‘Just Transition’ our supply chain has commitment to advancing the ‘Fair Work First’ criteria including the real living wage and effective voice conditions.

Cerulean are utilising innovative infrastructure technology and enhancing local capabilities for wind farm maintenance allowing turbines to be towed to shallow water ports.

We are also planning to build a new transmissions superhighway for renewable energy, ensuring clean energy can be delivered to where it is most needed.

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